Danae Munoz-Vargas

Marketing Coordinator

Danae Munoz-Vargas is the Marketing Coordinator at McAdams Group, LLC, a national, full-service financial advisory firm headquartered in Memphis, TN.

Education / Credentials:

  • BS, Human Resource Management, Psychology minor
  • MBA
  • Navy veteran


Customer service, marketing campaign management, and event planning.


I have 3 kiddos, 2 of the 3 are sporty individuals, and 1 is an artist. I also have 4 dogs, a cane corso, a bully, a staffy, and a pit bull. Born and raised in California. My family and I like to try out a new restaurant every week. We travel out of Memphis every chance we get. I love to karaoke, I’m a horrible singer but, oh well, people love me.

Favorite Part of the Job:

From the moment our learners go to our seminars/webinars, I get the privilege to interact and answer their questions. I also get to see the learners grow with us and become clients of McAdams Group. I tend to check in with our clients as I value their feedback in how we can make their journey as effortless and effective as possible.

Favorite Quote:

Every dog has its day.