Michael Shellenberger

Estate Planning Coordinator

Michael “Mic” Shellenberger is an estate planning coordinator at McAdams Estate Group, LLC., a full service estate planning firm in Memphis, TN.

Education / Credentials:

  • Vincennes University
  • 25 year U.S. Navy Veteran, Ret Chief Warrant Officer
  • 3Pro Information Systems Officer


Project Management and Customer Service Coordinator in the build of estate trusts.


Passions: Hunting, Fishing, Classic Cars, Travel, Cooking and Gardening; Goals: Travel Europe, Building New Home on Tn River, retirement wealth, health & weight loss, stronger knowledge of God; Family: Wife – Cindi, 3daughters- Chesley King (Husband Dustin, grandkids: Payton, Charlie, Lawson), Kayla Izaguirre (Husband Nick) and Madison Bott (Husband Tyler); 3 dogs: Max, Blue and Murphy

Favorite Part of the Job:

The satisfaction of helping clients protect the assets that they worked hard to obtain through life.