Michael Simpson

Estate Planning Coordinator

Michael Simpson is an estate planning coordinator at McAdams Estate Group, LLC., a full service estate planning firm in Memphis, TN.

Education / Credentials:

  • Finance and Management degrees from the University of Memphis.
  • 20+ years in the Financial Services management


I build Trusts.  My expertise is being thorough, patient, and providing detail that other Estate Planning professionals do not take the time to provide.


My Passion is the Island of Maui and I have aspirations of moving there someday. I have a daughter who is about to attend the University of Memphis on a full ride scholarship up on graduation from Arlington High School this Spring. I have a wife that is very supportive of me and my career and a stepson with special needs. I have a dog named Chloe who is always terrorizing my two cats.

Favorite Part of the Job:

I love being able to not only assist clients address this important need, but being able to provide additional aspects of estate planning that spares them additional costs in the future and allows them the ability to receive more for less.

Favorite Quote:

Work hard, Play hard!